Investor FAQs

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What is Cumberland Pharmaceutical's ticker symbol and where are its shares traded?

Cumberland Pharmaceuticals is traded on the NASDAQ market under the symbol CPIX.

When did Cumberland Pharmaceuticals complete its initial public offering?

Cumberland Pharmaceuticals completed its initial public offering on August 14, 2009.

Can Cumberland Pharmaceuticals stock be purchased directly from the Company?

No, stock cannot be purchased directly from Cumberland Pharmaceuticals, but it can be purchased through a broker or trading service.

When will the Company's next earnings release occur?
Information regarding the Company's new release dates and other upcoming events can be found on our Calendar of Events.
Can I have news releases and other information sent to me?
Company information is available through this web site. You may sign up to receive e-mail alerts or printed materials.
Does Cumberland Pharmaceuticals pay dividends?

Cumberland Pharmaceuticals does not currently pay a dividend on its common stock

What is the Company's fiscal year?

January 1 - December 31

How can I transfer my stock, replace lost stock certificates or change my address?

Toll Free Number for Cumberland Shareholders is: 800-509-5586

Shareholder Correspondence:
Continental Stock Transfer & Trust Company
17 Battery Place
New York, NY 10004

Who is the Company's independent auditor?

BKD USA, LLP, independent registered public accounting firm