Corporate Update

May 2024           

To Our Shareholders, Employees & Partners:                                                                                                         

Cumberland has built a portfolio of FDA-approved brands that feature outstanding safety and efficacy profiles. These differentiated products can make a difference in the lives of patients. They are valuable brands with attractive margins. 

We are implementing a strategy to increase awareness of our products and their attributes throughout the medical community. In March, a Special Report was published in Anesthesiology News, General Surgery News and Pharmacy Practice News presenting the growing amount of data supporting the use of our Caldolor® (ibuprofen) injection as a standard of care for the treatment of pain and fever. The report noted that as part of a comprehensive developmental plan, our intravenous ibuprofen was studied in various treatment areas, including surgical pain, fever and nonsurgical acute pain. The results, which are highlighted in the report, demonstrate that the product is a safe and effective treatment for pain and fever in adults, children and infants as young as 3 months of age.

Pain management has become one of the most common health care problems. As this new report states, comprehensive multimodal pain regimens have become key in preventing pain and optimizing pain control, while minimizing the need for opioids. A non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, such as Caldolor, can provide a cornerstone for many treatment paradigms, and we are encouraged by the substantial database emerging from our studies in patients of all ages.

During the first quarter, we also worked to expand the use of Kristalose®, our prescription strength laxative, in the growing number of states where the product has favorable Medicaid coverage. 

Meanwhile, our new manufacturing and distribution partner has successfully produced Vaprisol® in their facility. As we await FDA approval for making the branded product there, our partner is providing a special supply of compounded product in support of critically ill patients. Vaprisol is the first and only intravenously administered vasopressin receptor antagonist. It is used to raise serum sodium levels in hospitalized patients with hyponatremia, the most common electrolyte disorder among such patients.

We look forward to shipping new supplies of our Cumberland-packaged Sancuso® this year after successfully transferring its manufacture to a new facility in 2023. We are featuring the product through our expanded oncology sales division to support patients by helping address certain side effects associated with their chemotherapy cancer treatments.

We are continuing to sponsor a series of clinical programs to evaluate ifetroban – a potent and selective thromboxane receptor antagonist – in patients with unmet medical needs. We have initiated our newest clinical program in medical centers across the country and enrollment has now begun in patients with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. We look forward to sharing the results from all studies underway as they emerge and then deciding on the best development path for ifetroban, which we believe has the potential to benefit many patients.

Additionally, we continue to support our international partners in their efforts to register and launch our potent antibiotic  Vibativ® in their countries – which can provide significant future catalysts for the brand.

During the first quarter, we recorded $8.5 million in net revenues and adjusted loss of $0.6 million. Our balance sheet held approximately $82 million in total assets, including $19 million in cash and investments. Total liabilities were $54 million and shareholders’ equity totaled $27 million.

I’d like to close by recognizing and thanking our Cumberland team for their efforts in advancing our mission of working together to provide unique products that improve the quality of patient care. We look forward to sharing further developments and providing updates throughout the remainder of the year. All the best,


Please see our corporate website at for links to our product websites for full prescribing and safety information on our brands and for our SEC filings that contain the risk factors associated with our business.